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You know what? I think this week I'm not going to start off saying "Hi Boys and Girls" or "Welcome to Spring World" or any of that...I'll just start by telling my lovely members that when a some new black dick hits town, I'm usually the first one all over it. Duh! I'm a BCS! The biggest! So when I saw 12 Gauge's picture come up on a local agent's website, I called immediately and made it happen. He was good! About 9 inches, fairly thick, and he fucked the shit out of my pink hole. I was going to call my pink hole tiny, but that's not true anymore! Hee hee...A-N-Y-ways, the only thing I didn't like about 12 Gauge was the taste of his load. I think he hits the bong too much. You know you are what you eat, right? So treat your lady to a nice jizz load by eating fruit and veggies. Punish your lady with a nasty jizz load by smoking up all the time! Oh wait...you don't have a lady, do you pathetic white boy? XOXOXOXO - Spring

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Member dougl**** Said:
wish i was therr

Member xoliv**** Said:
hate the heels...would rather see her cute feet

Member seekr**** Said:
You shown this before, how about some new ones?

Member marty**** Said:
wrong heels..

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