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Every once in a while a member will send an e-mail asking to be part of a shoot. We always turn these sorts of offers down, but this time, the e-mail was sooo pathetic we decided to see what was up. See, I kept getting these e-mails from these two guys calling themselves the "Comic Guys". And they sounded so nerdy I couldn't believe they were black. I mean whoever heard of a niggah reading a comic book? Most niggahs are very athletic, and they're strong, and they run fast and do those sorts of things...they don't read comics! Except these two corny niggahs! Sure enough, we met up with them, and sure enough, they were black. I fucked the shit outta both of them, and they were nice enough...I guess. They need to get laid more! I mean the amount of black seed these two brothas laid on my face was enough to gag a horse! Hee I guess it wasn't all bad. Even though the Comic Guys were really the Comic Geeks, they did me after sex with all black men, my little white cootch was sore and tired...a great workout if I say so!!!

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NULL Member SealK**** Said:
LOL! Comic Books are for white and jewish boys! Not for real men!

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