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My members ask, and my members get. It's that simple. So when I kept getting e-mail after e-mail about getting a cream pie, what could I do but deliever? Hi Boys & Girls! It's Spring Time! And this week I've got a special update for you. Found a new colored fellah...Donni. At nine inches he's a keeper. He's a nasty black stud too! I mean he *loved* it when I talked all filthy, and slapped him, and spit on him. He stuck his tounge so far up my ass I'm sure it turned brown. Think I'd kiss him afterward? Hell no! I spit in his mouth instead! He even wanted me to piss all over him. I'm so sure. EEEWwwwww. What's wrong with these african-americans? Anyways, like all black men, Donni is a very strong lover. His beautiful black dick kept rock hard, even after an hour or so of fucking...both ON camera and OFF :) Here's the best part of the scene...instead of taking his giant load on my face, or on me...he put his seed directly into my pink little pussy. I mean I could feel his big black dick squirt into me like a gusher! And it went in there DEEP! I managed to push a lot of it back out, but not all of it. I mean HOURS later, as I was standing in line at the movie theater on a date with my WhiteBoy, I could feel Donni running down my leg. Hee hee. And I don't wear panties! AND I'M NOT ON THE PILL!!! Boy I sure hope I didn't get knocked up. I mean after the movie I parked in a romantic spot with WhiteBoy and let him eat me out. You know what's funny? WhiteBoy said I was wetter than any girl he's ever been with!! Hee hee hee...I'm *so* naughty!! Until next week! XOXO - Spring

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Member revol**** Said:
IR creampies are the best!

Member luv2w**** Said:
He has the sexiest chest and feet - I like to watch him dominate that pussy!

Member bitts**** Said:
naughty but good. Spring.

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