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This week one of my very best friends in the whole wide world turns 18, so I called my camerman up to capture the very special day. What I did *not* know was my cameraman arranged for a "cab driver" to pick me up and take me to the party...little did I know that the cabbie turned out to be that crazy niggah Niko!!! Next thing I know, I'm on the floor getting the shit fucked outta me by a brotha with a 9 1/2" dick! We did it in like 4 or 5 different positions before he decided it was time for me to eat his black cum. I've been really working hard on taking my cum better, especially since all the e-mails!! I know you guys! I need to take the cum better, and I think this week is my big breakthrough. Just look at me after Niko sprays about a gallon of thick black goo directly into my mouth. I was soooo happy after I did such a great job, I made up a song and sang it for all my members! "I got me some black cum, black cum!" Hee hee! Well, I hope all my members think I've been trained good enough now in taking black nut...see ya next week!!!

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Member luv2w**** Said:
Domineko is so sexy I love to see him smashin the pusssy missionary style. I would love to see his feet!!!!

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