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Member Rating: 9.28 Lick Me Clean Cucky Boy - Date Added: Saturday, 10/26/2013
Hi Cucks and Queens! Welcome back to Niggahville! Heeheehee...I'm so gay. Well, it appears you Cucks liked the last update so much, this Size Queen decided to do it all again. This time I found another Kooky Cuck Boy with a 3 inch pee-pee to lick me clean. Not before some humiliation! First, I measured his pathetic dick. It was a whopping 3 inches. So I laughed. Then, I brought in 2 Black Bulls and sucked their delicious dicks. Then, I undressed for them, and took some of my cute clothes and put them on Cuck Boy! Oh, he looked cute!! His clit is a bit bigger than mine, so we had fun with that, and then I let my Bulls go to town. My lord did they fuck the shit out of me. My pussy was fucked loose by the end of the day...and my tummy and chest a gene pool. That's when it was time for Cuck Boy to take a little swim...with his tounge! LOL. I'm such a bitch. Oh well. He loved it. He asked. He received. And so shall you. XOXO. Spring

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Member wcbdi**** Said:
bestpart of Spring Thomas is her NIGGER talk

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