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Bon Jour my friends! It's Monday, and it's time to show off what a naughty girl I've been lately. Everyone say hi to my Frenchman, Jean Claude. It's funny, cause until I met him, I had no idea any colored fellahs existed in France. I know there's a lot in Africa, and there's almost as many here...but France? Puh-lease. Anyway, Jean Claude really tears into me this week. I mean one minute we're in a passionate kiss, and the next he's got me bent over a chair, and his foot is smooshing my head! And he *loved* to make me gag on his 9 1/2 inch black oui oui :~)....I'm so silly. Oui Oui! Oh, after he dumped about a gallon of black seed all over my face, he bent me over and started at it again! This time off camera, of course. Leave it to a strong black man to unload his nut, keep hard, and then do it again! Enjoy! I know I did! XOXO - Spring

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Member yunak**** Said:
i wish i was Spring ,, i want to be like Spring!!!!

Member zeppe**** Said:
piper- She's an actress, she's playing stupid. And she didn't write those descriptions of the videos.

Member piper**** Said:
I don't think Spring Thomas can find France, or Africa, or 'here' on the map. Guess she paid enough attention in high school French to spell 'oui' correctly.

Member rring**** Said:
completely mundane. No spring in the Spring. Please can her and get something fresh. I can smell that tuna from here

Member rring**** Said:
m same shit different day

Member jimde**** Said:
When is this Goddess going to make new videos? Jerking off just isn't the same without you Spring.

Member etter**** Said:
Cant think of a more boring girl than Spring !! BOOFFFF !!

Member Black**** Said:
Spring you're not very bright are you?

Member gawnd**** Said:
i dunno ... used to love her vids but the cellulite on the ass is a turn off lately

Member vipgu**** Said:
Spring is always a favorite download. I'd love to give her my "download"!

Member easyg**** Said:
That dude hammered it. I always love Springs asshole scenes.

Member revol**** Said:
big cumshot she is so nasty i luv it

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