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Hi Boys & Girls! Welcome back to SpringWorld! :) So...there's been *lots* of e-mails asking to bring on new talent. New black studs. New colored fellahs. You know there's rumors out there in my fan groups circulating that I don't read e-mails, and nothing could be further from the truth. I love reading all my e-mails, and all the posts everywhere, and believe me...I listen! I may not *reply* to everyone, but I listen. So I'm on a black dick hunt, and I'm interviewing new coloreds every day. This week's update features Tyler, and boy, was he a catch! (Oh wait! Did you see me goofing off in some of the hirez stills? :) After shout-outs to some of my loyal members, I get down to interviewing Tyler for my site. He qualifies for length (just a hair short of 9") and he's a hair puller and likes to pound white pussy, so he's hired! :) I think you guys will like the end...instead of cum in my face (predictable) I make him jack his black dick on my desk, and I lap it up like a dog. Fun! In fact I had sooo much fun with Tyler I brought him back to my pad after the shoot and made him fuck me for the rest of the night! :) Tee hee...I'm such a slut! Well, until next week, XOXO -- Spring.

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