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Hey there girls and boys! It's time for another episode of Spring World! Tee hee. So a lot of you love seeing me get stuff shoved up my bunger, so here ya go...another lesson in the School of Ass! :( You guys already know I'm not a big fan of foreign objects up my poop-chute, but I'll do almost anything for my members, and after a whole bunch of e-mails lately, I thought why not? It's for you, Dear Member, and I'll grimace through a lot of pain to make you happy. And I think you're gonna be happy today. See...I put nothing into my sweet pussy. You heard right. Not a thing. Um, well. Weed put his tounge in there, and made it feel really good, till I shudder...but that's it! Nothing else. My butt just gets hammered this week. Oh, and I get some butt plugs shoved up there. Oh, and a lollipop. And of course what's a good girl to do after a sour apple pop is jammed up your shitter than take a little taste. Or two! :) :(...ewww. But I did it, and I did it with a smile on my face, and that counts for something, right? XOXOXOXOX - Spring.

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Member jaybl**** Said:
If only she didn't have sneakers on. Who fucks wit their sneakers on?!

Member Rtp69**** Said:
That right rrrdo white black meat in that ass. Cause this guy is wack!

Member gunnv**** Said:
very hott. thanks spring.

Member rrrdo**** Said:
Spring, your hot there are several hot sluts out there. Pick your game up and learn how to deepthroat like your sister katie. you deserve 2 cocks at the same time and never falling under 10 inches each. Not like this guy what a waste!! Get real!

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