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She's been addicted to big black cock. Spring refuses to engage in any sexual relations with a white male. In fact, the only enjoyment she gets from white guys is making them pay her bills or humiliating them by fucking black men infront of them. If you're a fan of Interracial Porn and want to see one smoking hot teen fuck big black dicks, you're in the right place. Welcome to SpringThomas.com

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She answered an ad in the back of a local newspaper and before she knew it, she was off to LA to make all her dreams come true. Spring's very first appearance was at the secret Dogfart mansion only a few weeks after she graduated high school. With her diploma in one hand and a big black dick in her other hand, we knew Spring was special. This 18 year old had a thirst for black dick and we were the right group of guys to give it to her. Soon after her first IR experience from BlacksOnBlondes, Spring was ready for her very own interracial website. On SpringThomas.com she does it all, cuckolding, anal, facials... you name it. Spring became the first interracial only teen.

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